Sales and giveaways


Sales are subject to change.

For buy X get Y discounts, the discounted item is the one of lesser value. If this discount is used and items are returned, the following will apply:

If you've purchased items under our "buy one, get one X% off" promotion and wish to return one of them, please note he following: If the item you are returning is the one that was purchased at full price, and you choose to keep the item that was discounted, the refund amount for the full-price item will be adjusted accordingly. This means we will deduct the discount received on the second item from the refund of the full-price item. This is to ensure the the discount applies only when you keep both items.

For buy X get Y discounts, some items may be excluded from the promotion. Discounts and codes can be viewed on the checkout page prior to purchase.


Giveaways are subject to change.

Store credit expires.