Now boarding Aire-Flex: a travel performance, 100% recycled mechanical four way stretch fabric that flexes and treks with your every step. Premium durability with plenty of natural give and a revolutionary handfeel. Blue signed certified non toxic and always ethically produced in Taiwan.


Our Aire-flex fabric is made up of 100% post consumer plastic bottles. Yup, this fabric is as sustainable as you can get.


Spill-proof, 30 UPF, stank proof, anti-wrinkle and certified nontoxic by Bluesign. Lightweight with stretch so that you can wear comfortably on the plane or sightseeing. Aire-Flex is made from post-consumer plastic waste collected from landfills in Taiwan.

aire-flex is low impact.

Here's the down low on how we made it: Our Aire-flex fabric only uses 23 gallons of water used per yard, as opposed to 18,000 gallons for a pair of jeans (yikes) Each yard of this fabric took 8 plastic bottles out of the landfill (because they look wayyy better on you) Aire-flex proudly kept energy usage down by only using 6 kwh per yard.

aire-flex fabric features

sustainable made fabric uv resistant 30 UPF detail icon

uv-resistant (30 UPF)

Aire-flex fabric blocks harmful rays from burning your skin with built in UV protection.

sustainable fabric feature spill proof icon


Go ahead spill a little wine, our Aire-flex fabric retracts from liquid messes.

sustainable fabric feature wrinkle proof fabric


No iron is no problem! Packing is easy in our Aire-flex fabric. Roll wayre into your suitcase and it will be ready to wear when you land.

sustainable stank proof fabric feature icon


Keep re-wayring our Aire-flex on your travels. We've built in antimicrobial into the fabric so you can get a little sweaty.

sustainable fabric mechanical stretch made for travel icon

mechanic stretch

Long flight? On the go? Aire-flex is made streeetchy to move and travel with you.

100% recycled sustainable fabric icon

100% recycled

Yup, you read that right. Our fabric is 100% recycled from reclaimed plastic bottles that were taking up space in landfills.