make it ethical.

we're hands on social responsible

Our supply chain starts with our US-based design team. Once designs and selections are finalized, our manufacturing takes place with our sustainable and ethical manufacturing partners. Your order is then processed right from our wayrehouse back in the US. We proudly partner a socially responsible manufacturer that raises the bar for green and ethical practices producing innovative, quality work. They handle our entire cradle to cradle supply chain from fiber sourcing and production to finished garment. Our garments are produced in SA8000 and/or WRAP certified factories where workers are paid a fair wage.

factory life balance

Our manufacturer's facility is safe, well kept, and held to high standards of conduct. All factories locations prohibit child labor and all national and foreign employees must be over 18 years of age.


wayre's factory checklist:

employee living wages ✔️

factory gender equality ✔️

factory cleanliness ✔️

safe environment ✔️

employee positive treatment ✔️

sustainable practices ✔️

factory employee benefits

Commuters are offered free on-site dormitory housing, exercise opportunities, and meal stipends. Nap breaks are offered and teamwork is encouraged as their key to success. Our founders have personally visited the campus and couldn't be more proud of their efforts to keep the planet and people first.

Together, we're the dream team.

factory sustainability

Our manufacturer makes a continuous effort to implement sustainable practices at their facility. The factory is a low-carbon environment with constant energy management. Every year they improve their plan for energy conservation, evaluating what is the most effective use of energy. All energy and water usage is tracked and assessed.