Why upgrade your mask to the wayre mask?

It may be time to upgrade your mask as we navigate the months ahead. No matter what your reason is for an upgrade, we're here to help. Here are some resources from some of the world's leading publications to start the conversation about why a great mask really matters:

The Atlantic: Why Aren't We Wearing Better Masks?

The Atlantic advocates that it's past time for everyone to upgrade from a standard cloth mask - The wayre mask provides much better protection than a standard cloth mask with its 99%+ filtration.

The New York Times: Time to Upgrade Your Mask?

The NYT emphasizes the importance of filter and fit in your mask - The wayre mask was designed with filter (99% efficiency, in fact) & universal fit at top of mind to maximize protection.

Harvard Business Review: We Need Better Masks

This HBR article highlights the need for protection, scalability, comfort, reusability, and style in a mask. Good news... you're on the right page! The wayre mask meets all of these criteria.

The Wall Street Journal: Some Masks Will Protect You Better Than Others

The WSJ breaks down why investing in a highly filtering mask is worth it. Our five layer wayre mask (with 3 filter layers) provides significantly better protection than a standard cloth mask.