What to Wear on a Plane

What to Wear on a Plane: Dress Smartly for Your Flight

Welcome aboard, fellow traveler! Ever found yourself squeezed into a tiny airplane seat, knees dangerously close to your chin, and your neighbor's elbow claiming half of your armrest? We’ve all been there.

So, fasten your seat belt as we embark on a journey to explore essential tips for making the dreaded overnight flight as delightful as your destination. We'll dive into what to wear and what to pack to ensure you stay comfy and stylish during your high-altitude adventure.


Comfort First, Always

Let's start with the most important rule of travel apparel: comfort is non-negotiable. If you find yourself squeezed in the tiny airplane seat on a loooooong flight, the least you can do is make sure you're wrapped in the softest, coziest fabric known to humanity. 

Opt for a pair of high-quality leggings or joggers that offer freedom of movement. Personally, I have a cherished pair of jeans that I always reach for when it comes to plane travel. I've had them for years, and they've become incredibly soft and cozy over time. The best part is, I can transition seamlessly from the plane to sightseeing without the hassle of changing out of joggers or leggings!

Now, let's talk tops. Hoodies are my tried-and-true travel essential. They're comfy, roomy, and perfect for hiding that inevitable post-flight food baby. Plus, if you're anything like me and tend to get chilly easily, the added benefit of being able to pull the hoodie over your head for extra warmth is an absolute game-changer. Choose a stylish hoodie or a sweater that looks good and keeps you comfortable during the flight. And remember, layering is your BFF. Airplanes are notorious for their unpredictable temperature fluctuations, so having a lightweight jacket handy is a smart move. 

Choosing the right underwear for the flight will make a huge difference. Seamless bottoms and comfy sports bra, wire-free bra or no bra at all (whatever you prefer!) are the key to feeling free and ready to tackle several hours on the plane. 


Shoes Matter – Slip-ons are a Lifesaver

Alright, listen up, fellow travelers! Airport security lines are not the place to be fumbling with shoe laces. You're more likely to get impatient glares from your fellow travelers than praise for your fashion choices. So, here's the secret sauce: slip-on shoes. Slip into sneakers, easy flats, or snazzy kicks with squishy insoles, and you'll waltz through the airport like you're on a cloud – no shoe-tying gymnastics required! 

Here is a pro tip for you: skip flip-flops and make sure to wear socks. Even if you are just coming back from a tropical paradise, walking barefoot while going through airport security is a less-than-pleasant experience. Plus, think about it – planes can get chilly and you are also risking getting your toes run over by a suitcase. 


Cozy In-Flight Essentials

Last but not least, let's dive into the must-haves for your in-flight experience. A cozy blanket scarf is your ticket to a snuggly nap. It can double as a pillow or an extra layer if the cabin temperature plummets to Arctic levels. For overnight flights, I always pack an extra pair of warm socks to stay cozy.

And don't forget an eye mask and noise-canceling headphones (or earplugs) – the ultimate combo for some quality mid-air shut-eye.

Remember to bring your tablet or e-reader loaded with your favorite books and shows for entertainment. A portable charger is also a lifesaver, ensuring you never run out of juice while navigating the airport or keeping your tech gadgets alive.



So there you have it, fellow travelers – the lowdown on what you should wear on a plane to stay comfy, stylish, and travel-ready. With these basic travel apparel and accessory tips in your back pocket, you'll be a real in-flight pro!


Happy travels!


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